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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Making plans

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. In mid-November, DH and I went to Shands to talk to the endo/fibroids specialist. We discussed all the remaining options and ultimately came to the agreement that all of them would really just be bandaids. So, a hysterectomy is what I need. Coincidentally, that same day I was notified that I had gotten the job I applied for. It's in the same company but in a different area. Great! How do I start a new job and tell my new supervisor that i need a month off!? Ugh! It seems like nothing is ever simple anymore! I decided to wait a little while and feel out the situation. I know how to deal with the pain. I can hold on a little while. The holidays came and went and for the most part, I held it together. December was interesting. In addition to all the Christmas festivities, SS21 graduated from college. His mother came into town for several days with her (let's call him estranged... weird situation) husband. I was sweating it. Let's just say I'm not fond of the woman. Her child rearing skills have much to be desired and I think bordered on child neglect, but thankfully, SS21 turned out to be an intelligent, kind, loving, funny young man, whether because or in spite of her. Happily, the graduation ceremony and the subsequent "reception" at our home turned out very nice and she didn't show her ass. We also had brunch out and another get together at the house, but I tried not to interact too much with her and all went well. At the end of it all she thanked me for hosting the lovely events and for all I have done for SS21. Hmm... who knew she could be that un-douchey. Now that I have settled into the new job, I told my supervisor about needing surgery and am ready to go ahead and schedule. I have a list of question I want to ask before I do that, but mostly I think I'm ready. I'm tired of living with so much pain every month, and really for such a huge portion of my life. I'm nervous about it... a little scared about how it will change me. But I am reallly hopeful that it will be only for the better. It's time to start making plans for surgery, recovery and my new life.


  1. Good luck! I hope you get relief soon

  2. Thanks Dipitie S!
    Questions answered.... surgery scheduled! Let's rock n' roll!