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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's always something...

Just like Roseanne Rosanadana said, it's always something! I had been feeling a bit off and found out that my gallbladder was not functioning properly. I had it removed on the 28th of last month. I'm doing well, healing and feeling fine! While I was still home recovering, a couple other things happened. I got a reminder for my annual mammogram, which I scheduled. I also started to notice that the occasional spotting and breakthrough bleeding I was experiencing with continueous BCP was becoming more frequent. I called my doctor, who told me to get an abdominal and a transvag. ultrasound. By the time I went for my appointments... I got the whole kit and kaboodle scheduled for Monday morning... I had been bleeding, not heavily but still, for more than a week and was starting to have the familiar pain I have been experiencing with the endo. The tests were not painful, but not really painless... let's call them uncomfortable. Yesterday, I got a call back from my ob/gyn. I was expecting to have them tell me something about the ultrasounds. But no. Instead, they told me that the mammogram showed increased density in the right breast and that I would need to go back for focal compression views and possibly an ultrasound. Lovely. No word yet on the two ultrasounds from Monday. I go back tomorrow morning. Sigh. Good grief!