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Friday, November 30, 2012

Round and round we go

Last week I went to see a specialist about my endo. He was very kind and thorough, spending about an hour and a half with me. He was of the opinion that Lupron is a really "big gun" and that we should try something less drastic first. So he put me on continuous bcp... no placebo pills. Oh the irony! I wish I could have a child and I'm on birth control. Not that not being on it would change anything. But still. I also started seeing a new counselor today. So hard to establish a new relationship like that. But she seemed nice and I hope it will work out with her. Lots to hope for, but I'm reluctant to be too hopeful about anything.


  1. I too hope that it'd work out for you. I just had seen my therapist today- was gonna terminate the relationship (as planned from last session), but with the first anniversary coming up, we both agreed it's not time to end counseling. I always like to tell clients (ironic- I'm a therapist myself, believe it or not), "Counselors are just like just have to try them to see if they'd fit you."

  2. I did the continuous bcp for a year and a half before my surgery last year. Didn't do anything for my endo. Hope it helps yours!