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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's different.... and complicated

Being childless by marriage is a completely different animal in the Childless Not By Choice (CNBC) kingdom! When 2 people discover that, for whatever reason, they are unable to have a child, they grieve together. They can hold each other up and get through it together. However, when one of you wants a child and the other does not, it's a very different and complicated situation. It stirs up a thick, steamy emotional soup that's very difficult to get through. How do you reconcile the fact that the most important person in your life knows that their position is causing you unfathomable anguish, but won't budge. Complicated stuff. Now, no one person's feelings have greater value than anothers. One position is just as valid as the other, right? I guess the difference is that if you are the one wanting, you are giving up your desire in order to make the other person happy, but the person who doesn't want a child isn't willing to do the same. Again, deep complicated stuff. It's not fair. It's excruciating. It really just sucks.