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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just... wow

I am often amazed and frequently rattled by the callous, if well meaning, comments made by our loved ones. Seriously, people!! I recently had a conversation with a sibling who informed me that my husband had not seen a RE, he had not been tested, the doctors could certainly extract something from him, I would be able to conceive, my parents would pay for the costs associated with the process, and if by some chance those things were not possible, I would absolutely be placed with an infant for adoption if I would only contact an attorney... since her friend and her husband got a baby from Russia and the husband even had had a DUI! ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME!?!? First, I shouldn't have to explain all the blasted details or myself. Second, what happened with your friend and what you believe has nothing to do with my reality. And third, when I tell you to stop you need to bloody STOP! {Insert cursing, screaming rant here!} OK... I gotta stop or that rant is going to shock you! Breaaaaathe!


  1. Oh wait! I almost forgot... I was also advised that I am currently taking birth control pills! I don't know how she is able to divine so much, without any information from me at all! Ugh!

  2. Sh@t Breeders Say

    YES! YES! YES!!!!!!