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Monday, October 3, 2011

some days

Some days, grief and sorrow come over me like a wave. Nothing in particular can be blamed for it- no cutesy commercial; no neighborhood kids screaming at the top of their bloody lungs. Some days it's just sitting on the couch with my darling husband holding hands and feeling the gaping hole that lingers, for want of a child.

There are those days when the pain hangs thick in the air. Bitter and smothering, it permeates every fiber of who I am and every moment of the day. It seeps into the recesses of my mind and into my dreams. Even there I feel the longing for something that will never be mine, sob and scream that it were not so.

These days, the torturous and agonizing days that seem to last for weeks, thanksfully do not come too often. But they do come and take years of me, beat me and crush my very soul.

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