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Friday, September 30, 2011

All the missing pieces

Morning sickness.
Pregnancy tests.
Growing belly.
First breath.
Midnight feedings.
Dirty diapers.
First steps.
First haircut.
Loosing teeth.
Santa clause.
Reading stories.
First day of school.
Learning to ride a 2-wheel bike.
Running through sprinklers on a hot day.
Packing lunches.
Forgotten book bags.
After school snacks.
Field trips.
School plays.
Flu season sick days.
Scraped knees.
Sports events.
Music, dance, gymnastics, sports practice.
First dance.
Learning to drive.
First date.
Senior prom.
College applications.
Moving into the dorm.
Mother of the bride or groom.
Becoming a grandmother.
Someone left behind to whom stories and mementos can be passed along.

There are so many experiences I will never have because I don't have a child, nothing can or will ever be able to fill those holes in my life.