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Monday, August 8, 2011


Growing up, I never thought too much about having a family... I just assumed I would have kids. I did, however,conscienciously vow that I would be the kind of parent I needed but didn't have. The kind of parent so many people think they are, but could never be. I was mindful of the kind of needs a child has that are often left unmet. But I never got the chance to put my thoughts into action. It seems unjust that, instead, the precious gift of parenthood is granted to so many who are so undeserving. I'm not just talking about those monsters who physically and emotionally abuse innocent souls... though certainly, they're included. I'm talking about those selfish, shallow, inept people who, due to a lucky crap-shoot of biology, bring children into this world and have no concept of the gift they've been given. Those narcisistic bitches who breed as a status symbol, despite having no desire to actually parent; those emotionally, and sometimes physically, unavailable idiots who would rather their child "figure it out" (a positive spin on on their willful neglect) without any guidance or assistance; the "accidental" parents who believe it's their right to continue to put themselves 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

It's a cruel twist of fate. The thoughtless, selfish, and clueless are rewarded... and they don't even realize it! But here I sit, with a full heart, a willing soul and empty arms. And I suffer through the void everyday.

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