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Monday, August 1, 2011

And the hits just keep on coming...

It's strange the things that can set me off: all "the cousins" from my husband's family goofing off and their grandmother taking pictures;a scrapbook my sister in law made; a comment about some stranger perhaps never marrying or having kids and having "no one to share his stories with;" a visit to a lawyer about my father-in-law's estate; or sorting through his things and doling out what will go to whom.

I have no child in the group of cousins. Scrapbooks I make will have meaning only to me, since therre will be no one to come behind me to care about the people in it, who they were or what they did. I am very much like that stranger since I have no one to share my stories with. There will be no one concerned with my estate and no one interested in the trinkets... big or small... I leave behind when I die.

It's so hard to be an observer in such an integral part of life... Especially given the fact that my husband is an active participant. It's not fair that I have to travel this path alone.

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