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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

It's here AGAIN!
The jubilation over a woman's success in procreating is in full effect.The commercials, the magazine and newspaper ads, the conversations at work... all eventually circle back to Mom, thank your mom, mom's like us, Happy Mother's Day. It all makes me want to BARF!

Don't get me wrong... some women are great parents and worthy of praise and recognition. HOWEVER, there are LOTS of women out there who, while they did "bear fruit," are lousy parents, lousy spouses, lousy people... but they are part of the club I've been excluded from. They get the card, whether store bought or hand made. They get the flowers, whether a glorious bouquet or dandilions from the side of the road. Not me. Not this day. On Mother's Day I am a non-event person. I don't get a special day of recognition... there's no "You would have been a great mother Day."

Yeah, I'm a critter mom... I have 4-legged kids, but as much as I love them it's never gonna take the place of having a child who loves me and needs me. I supposed I better damn-well get used to it.... I've got a lot more of these ahead!

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  1. Oh! And now for the emotional aftermath. No recognition for nonmoms. No flowers; no cards. Even the steppy in my house ignored my mom-like contributions. No I'm not a mother, but something at least acknowledging MY contributions to his upbringing (no matter how limited they were by his "parents" exclusion of me in any kind of decisions with regard to what he does or doesn't do). I contributed to his care, feeding, clothing, etc. DH did mention it early in the day, only briefly, so as not to upset me more. But still. Even my own family, when speaking to them asked "what's the matter?" Really?!?! Sound bitter? You're damn right I am!