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Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's very useful. It gives me lots to think about... different perspectives on my particular situation. But it's hard. It's painful and as much as I know it's good to go and I really love my counselor, I dread it.

Counseling, therapy... whatever you call it. It makes me look at all those emotions I instinctively try so hard to tamp down, because they hurt. I don't really WANT to deal with all that stuff. I want to stuff it in a corner and forget about it. But the feelings always bubble up whether I go see my counselor or not. Grrr!

And afterwards I'm drained. Like the wind has been knocked right out of me. It usually takes a couple days to just recover. But then I have helpful stuff to think about. Work to do. It's a little bitter-sweet... since I have NO desire to actually do the work. But do it I must... {{sigh}}.

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